Your brand new one-stop-digital-bookshop!


Your brand new one-stop-digital-bookshop!


Developer.Press is a new kind of technical book publisher – changing the way books for software developers are produced. We only offer books in digital format, and we only offer them at low prices. Leading experts from across the software development ecosystem have agreed to write short format books that give you access to key technical know-how for the price of a cup of coffee – so whether you’re into Java, Mobile, PHP, Windows or other, we should have a flavor that suits.

Latest Books

OpenShift Primer - Revision 2

The latest edition of Eric D. Schabell's intro to OpenShift Paas - with new content and updates.

Log everything!

Make your business data driven.

SharePoint 2013

Learn how to build apps for SharePoint regardless of which platform or language you use.

Behaviour Driven Development with JavaScript

Improve your productivity with Behaviour Driven Development.

PHP Array Filtering

Take your PHP skills to the next level.

Clojure Made Simple - Introduction to Clojure

Get started with Clojure with the help of this book!

Microsoft Business Intelligence End-user Tools 360°

Curious about the opportunities that Microsoft's BI stack offers?!

What’s New In SQL Server 2012 - Highlighting the best new features

Find out what they are with the help of this book!


Turn your website into a web application with the help of this book.

SharePoint 2010 Development

This guide leads you through the basics of SharePoint 2010 Development.

HTML5 Security

Find out what new web attacks are possible and how they can be prevented within HTML5.

Presenting for Geeks

Discover a more visual and engaging presentation style to become a super hot presenter!

MVC Applies To JavaScript

This book presents a pragmatic approach on how you can develop a full application using the MVC pattern.

OpenShift Primer

Get started, hands-on, with Red Hat OpenShift PaaS.

Testing with Visual Studio 2012

This book explains the ideas behind the changes found in Visual Studio 2012.

Upcoming releases

Java 8 Streams
Author: Sven Ruppert
Published: March, 2014


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